What Clients Say...

“I saved over $200,000 in the first several weeks of use by making different decisions”
               -- Christopher Scharff, Owner/CEO, Dreamgirl International 

“By enhancing our visibility, the Sales dashboard has enabled us to immediately spot exceptions and make  better, more appropriate decisions in working with customers, and on product development and planning activities.  We have access in seconds to almost any information that is needed, including data that was  simply not available before implementing the dashboard”.

“The best IT project I have ever seen.  Fast, Easy, On-Schedule, On-Budget, and it required very little effort on our part.”

               -- Tom Rudd, CFO, Delta Steel


“I never would have believed it, but I think I’m in love with a software program”

              -- John Mills, Senior Vice President, Quiksliver Sales


“We save an enormous amount of time that used to be spent running standard reports or inquiries and then manually compiling the desired analysis manually in excel.  Now we can select the desired view in seconds and if needed, export it to excel or a powerpoint presentation with a single click.”


“With technology, in many cases it looks good and then doesn’t live up to your expectations.  The dashboard solution you provided has surpassed every expectation and has really delivered results”

               -- Bob Embry, President, Delta Steel


”With visibility to the entire supply / demand picture we can more accurately predict and plan personnel for projected shipping volumes, easily identify work in process that needs to be expedited for customer completion dates or work with customers to adjust orders. With a few clicks we can see everything”


“We’ve been astounded by the speed, ease of use and overall impact”

               -- Joel Feldman, President of Operations, Byer of California


 “I can’t image how I lived without it”


“We're extremely happy with the AptClarity Dashboard and highly recommend the solution to others”

               -- Lee Searing, President and CEO, Searing Industries


“The most amazing software I have ever seen -- you can’t even imagine the different ways you will benefit until you have it”

               -- Eric Offenberger, General Manager, Smith Pipe & Steel 


AptClarity clients range in size from large Fortune 500 enterprises with many data sources and hundreds of users to small specialty firms with several users and a single data source.  Representative clients in each area of expertise are listed in the Main Menu selections to the left. 

Without regard for size or industry they all have several things in common as a result of our collaboration:

  • Insight for decision making that was previously unavailable or extremely difficult to garner
  • Reduced costs associated with information gathering and analysis
  • Numerous improvements and simplification of key processes 
  • Fantastic things to say about the solutions we've deployed