Apparel / Wholesale Distribution


AptClarity helps companies in the Apparel and Wholesale Distribution segments streamline analysis and get better visibility to trends and exceptions by providing a suite of analytic applications that address their most pressing business needs. 


The AptClarity “dashboard” makes critical information regarding sales, margins, deductions, inventory, booking backlog, supply vs. demand exceptions, or work in process available any way you’d want to see it with a few mouse clicks.  Clients are able to recognize trends, identify and resolve exceptions and develop appropriate strategies much more quickly and accurately.


Our products work with most industry specific business systems, both old and new.  Vastly improved visibility and analytic capabilities can be yours without an extensive and time consuming IT project -- we routinely deploy custom, analytic dashboards for clients in only 5-10 business days.   


Uses and Benefits:

In addition to gaining better overall visibility and insight, clients are realizing a significant streamlining of many business processes that involve information analysis, and reduction of associated personnel related costs.  


Users are able to quickly identify trends and exceptions, manage and improve day to day operations, plan strategies to increase sales and margins, evaluate customer, rep, territory, line, category and product history, identify aged inventory or late WIP, quickly rank available to sell or oversold products, make purchasing decisions, or analyze actual results vs. goals.  In all these cases and many others, our solution enables users to make better informed decisions and helps save time and money, resulting in improved bottom line performance.


Representative Clients: