Do you have the Insight you need?
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As simple as you would like your business to be, the fact is most businesses are quite complex -- offering many products and services through different organizations, channels and locations. Partnerships, contractual and regulatory relationships abound.  Customers are demanding. Speed and cost management are critical.

The problem is...

Many executives, managers and employees still cannot easily get the information they need regarding critical and desired performance measures... to answer relavent questions... or to make important decisions.

Yes, the information exists -- its out there, but access is usually limited to standard "single subject" reports and inquiries with certain selection criteria for each. So managers might learn to review only the views that are available or ask only the questions that can be answered, missing valuable opportunities.

In some cases I/T resources provide support, programming additional views, or users have the opportunity to become proficient in the company query language and excel.  New processes evolve to get needed information.  When questions change, the processes, tools and reports might be enhanced.  Management and users get some useful information.  But at what cost?

So Ask Yourself...

  • How do we get information today?
  • Are our “views” appropriate for for the questions and challenges we have?
  • Will better, more timely information influence or change our focus and priorities?
  • How will clear insight to critical trends and information change decisions and actions?
  • Do we have opportunities to motivate behavior through apt measurement of performance?
  • How can we identify profit sinkholes and respond accordingly?
  • How can we improve productivity and reduce costs?
  • How much time and money can be saved?
          - In I/T?
          - In Line Departments?
Information Accessibility

Data is abundant. And so are the applications used to run your business. While standard reports and inquiries can support some of your reporting needs, usually they fall short in fulfilling more advanced needs and ad-hoc, intuitive analysis of the business.

Information stored across disparate databases can be one challenge when it comes to getting the information you need. In addition, your business have many facets, dimensions and variables that are not represented in the standard views available. Ever want to see an intermediate level of summary, but all that is available are the details or highest level? And then to get related information, you have to run a different report and manually match them up?

To address these challenges, we find that many businesses have a significant hidden cost associated with reporting and analysis. Whether its programming additonal views, building data warehouses or extracting and manipulating data in offline tools such as excel, the time and cost of getting the information in a usable format can exceed the time spent performing the analysis. Does that seem to be a valuable use of resources?