Retail Solutions


AptClarity supports a wide variety of clients in the Retail segment, including including brick and mortor stores, ecommerce sites or catalog operations.  Our applications make critical information regarding Store Performance, Sales, Margin, Products (by Dept, Category, Class), Associates, Inventory and Supply positions all easily available with a few mouse clicks.  Complementary applications support areas such as Financial Analysis (General Ledger) and Clientele Management (CRM).   Applications provide comp store reporting tailored to your merchandising calendar.


Uses and Benefits:

  • Manpower savings by eliminating data collection activities and streamlining analysis
  • Management of overall performance to Plan and Last Year       
  • Improved sales and margins by managing actuals vs. goals, and by seeing and reacting more quickly to trends by Store, Div/Dept/Class/SubClass/Style/Color/SKU.   Quick and easy insight to volumes, average prices or gross profit/ton patterns)
  • Improved Sell-Thru and Inventory Turnover. Improve Merchandise Planning.  Quickly rank best sellers and slow moving inventory, and develop applicable strategies
  • Easily rank by Sell through percent or Weeks of Supply at any level of summary.  Drill down to individual sku/location.
  • Improved Store Operations by monitoring traffic and transaction volume by time of day, along with Store and associate UPT and ADS
  • More effectively manage people.  Clients can recognize and react to performance issues with specific details and appropriate improvement strategies.


Representative Clients: