Founded in 2004, AptClarity, is a premier provider of a new generation business intelligence solutions focused on rapid value creation and unparalleled flexibility.

The Company’s visionary pre-engineered templates, unique underlying technology and revolutionary rapid deployment methodology provide clients in target industries of Wholesale Apparel/Consumer Goods Distribution, Retail, Steel and Metals and Insurance the best value in fulfilling their business intelligence needs. As a result, AptClarity quickly creates significant value for its customers without requiring a large up-front investment, making ours an attractive solution for clients of all sizes.


The principals and staff of AptClarity specialize in the industries they serve and possess an in depth knowledge of your respective business management, performance measurement and information systems challenges and opportunities.

Having held senior operating roles in industry, including President, COO, SVP Operations, EVP Sales, Director of Financial Planning and CIO, we understand the day to day operations as well as the strategic planning needs of businesses in the segments we service and specifically how business intelligence tools can be used to improve overall performance.  Our consultants combine domain expertise applicable to your industry with the technical skills required to deploy customized dashboard/analytic solutions.  This 'go to market' approach differentiates AptClarity from others, streamlining design and development activities, eliminating traditional handoffs and minimizing potential mis-communications from the beginning of the sales cycle through deployment and adoption.