Cost Waterfall Dashboard

Many businesses with significant indirect costs struggle to clearly understand the their actual costs and margins for their various channels of distribution, customers and products. 

AptClarity has developed a unique process and robust, analytic dashboard for determining the fully absorbed pocket margin of each segment of business using advanced cost allocation techniques.  The tool enables stategic and tactical insight to more effectively manage a business, including:

  • Cost and margin trends can be monitored by period, business unit, channel, customer and product
  • Traditional Gross Profit by Customer or Product can be compared to fully absorbed margins to identify true winners and loosers and develop appropriate strategies
  • Indirect processes can be measured by unit cost of primary costs driver
  • Strategies and tactics can be developed with a clearer understanding of actual cost dynamics within the organization

Our proprietary Cost Waterfall Dashboard is a must see if you need better insight to where your business really makes and looses money!