Steel and Metals Distribution


AptClarity supports a wide variety of clients in the Steel and Metals distribution segment, including operators of Steel Service Centers and Tube Mills as well as Coil, Pipe, Sheet and Plate Distributors.  Our applications make critical information regarding Branch Performance, Sales, Tons, Gross Profit per Ton, Products (with group/size/grade/width/length dimensions), Sales Reps, Customers, Inventory and Supply positions all available any way you’d want to see it with a few mouse clicks.  Complementary applications support Service Center Operations/Production, Trucking/GPS analysis, Financial Analysis and Accounts Receivable Collections.  As a result of AptClarity applications, clients are able to recognize trends, identify and resolve exceptions and develop appropriate strategies much more quickly and accurately.


Uses and Benefits:

  • Manpower savings by eliminating data collection activities and streamlining analysis (.5 - 2 FTEs per branch).
  • Reduction of lost business by recognizing and reacting to items no longer ordered.       
  • Timely identification of profitable/unprofitable products, segments and customers.
  • Improved sales and margins by managing actuals vs. goals, and by seeing and reacting more quickly to trends (Customer or products related volumes, average prices or gross profit/ton patterns).
  • Improved order fulfillment and inventory turnover by segmenting fast and slow moving inventory and developing applicable strategies (i.e. cross branch activity, details of prior sales -- who, when and how much).
  • Improved customer insights and margins as a result of having insight to specific buying patterns when negotiating.
  • The ability to more effectively manage people.  Clients can recognize and react to performance issues with specific details and appropriate improvement strategies.


Representative Clients: